Customs clearance

Customs procedures are not a problem for us. Customs clearance plays a crucial role in the smooth import and export of goods, being a key element in the logistics chain and impacting the timely delivery of shipments to the recipient. That is why we place special emphasis on providing comprehensive and reliable customs services to our clients.

Our freight forwarding activities in maritime, air, rail, and road transportation are supported by qualified and experienced customs agents who professionally handle all customs procedures. With their knowledge and expertise, we represent clients in the following procedures: customs clearance for importation, customs clearance for exportation, transit customs clearance, active and passive customs warehousing, temporary clearance (opening and closing of ATA carnets), as well as fiscal and transfer customs clearance within the EU.

We are aware that effective customs process management is crucial to maintaining delivery schedules and minimizing operational costs. Therefore, our team of experts constantly monitors changing regulations and adapts to legal requirements to ensure the highest quality services for our clients. By partnering with us, you can rely on fast, efficient, and hassle-free completion of all customs formalities, regardless of the type of goods or shipment destination.